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   Contests and Exhibitions ":

  July 1994, exhibition "Mark me", in "Palau Marc de la Generalitat", memorial "Jaume Puig Agut", obtaining mention of honor and bronze medal.

   "Expocultura 1994", exhibition in the port of Barcelona.

   "Association of owners and neighbors of Valldoreix", collective exhibition of Valldoreix artists.

   November 1994, "Modeling Room, Maquetismo y Radiocontrol", in the "Pueblo Español", diploma of honor, televised live.

   Year 1994, participation for the launch of the first "Fastferry of the Transmediterránea".

   July 1997, "Modeling, Maquetismo and Radiocontrol", in the "Olympic Stadium of Barcelona", diploma of honor.

   December 1997, "Marking Me", "Marqués de Comillas Hall of the Maritime Museum of Barcelona", national show, honor mention with 2 access, national contest.

   November 1999, international exhibition, European championship, "Memorial Jaume Puig Agut", obtaining mention of honor and gold medal.

   Several exhibitions in lakes, etc.

   September 2001, "II Show of Naval Modelisme, Maquetisme i Radiocontrol", exhibition and organized by club "ARC" and "" (I). See website I made the exhibition at

   November 2002, "Hobby Hall of Barcelona", exhibition.
May 2017, "Museum of Science and Technique of Terrassa", cession-undefined Petrolero Mundaca of 1.80 meters.

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